an awesome and follow friday worthy twitter account An Awesome and Follow Friday Worthy Twitter Account (#FF)

An Awesome and Follow Friday Worthy Twitter Account (#FF)

How to make yourself into a #FF worthy “Twitterer.”

Here’s 7 ways you can make your Twitter account more awesome to follow.

1. Retweet relevant content.

Retweeting not only adds value to your Twitter feed, but it gives recognition and credit to the original author. Be sure to let the retweets add to your account and not be your account. If there is no added value, there is no point in following you.

2. Post in flurries.

While I’m all for scheduling / spacing out your activity to hit the broadest audience, limiting yourself to this technique is limiting yourself to lesser engagement. It’s also a little “inhuman.” Spout off for six or seven tweets in 10 minutes every once and a while. You’ll capture the audience watching for that period rather than potentially blending in once every three hours. Just don’t go overboard. Dominating someones timeline regularly can be cause for unfollowing.

3. Take time to craft your tweets.

Twitter may be casual in nature, but writing something of value in 140 characters is a skill. Don’t fire off a tweet because it’s time for some more activity. Replys seem to be where the really low value tweets come out; “I agree” or “Good point” are hardly valuable additions to a conversation. If you want someone to notice you, you have to some substance in the 140 characters.

4. Practice!

Tweeting is a skill. That’s why some brands can use Twitter to their advantage and others at best do nothing and sometimes even hurt their brand. To quote Mark Twain, “I didn’t have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead.” This perfectly captures the struggle many brands face when participating on Twitter. The only way it becomes easier, like anything, is with practice.

5. Don’t post sales copy.

Twitter is not a sales platform. If you are trying to directly sell your followers on YOUR product or service, you’ll be spinning your tires. Recommending something else that you have no affiliation with? That’s ok. In fact, that’s what you should be hoping your clients are doing with you.

6. Don’t worry about the numbers.

Yes, we all want more followers, or a higher Klout score, or whatever other metric you can think of. But at the end of the day it’s quality engagement and valuable content that will lead to anything of real value – $$$. It’s a slow go at the beginning, but stick with it (also learn some Social Media “Quick Wins”) and you’ll see some real results.

7. Have fun!

Twitter is the lighter side of your business. Humor, conversational language, photos from your phone’s camera, are all acceptable practices on Twitter. However, make sure your humor doesn’t push the edge. At worst we want someone to think you aren’t funny, which is much better than being offensive.

How would you want people to interact with you? Who do you like to follow? What bothers you? What do you like? The “Golden Rule” really does apply to Twitter.

If you need some help getting started on Twitter and social media in general, look to enroll in our Social Media and Online Marketing Training Program. We set up your major accounts and teach you the best practices for business.


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