HubSpot Websites for Content Marketing

Launch faster by leveraging our white-label templates.

Since beginning our journey with HubSpot back in 2011, the team at Kayak has designed and developed countless websites on the HubSpot CMS. While each website project has had unique needs, every one of them has one thing in common… they follow best practices for design & development as well as qualification and conversion.

  • Pre-Developed
  • Drag & Drop
  • Marketer-Friendly
  • Can be Tailored
  • 15 Page Templates
  • 14 Custom Modules
  • Global Groups
  • System Pages

We’ve been building HubSpot Websites since 2011

Over time, we’ve amassed a considerable number of templates and modules that are essentially pre-developed for you. No need to start from scratch when you can get a big head start using our templates. Utilize an existing template, add branding, and it’s ready to port to your HubSpot account for use. Tailoring is possible if needed.

Building a quality website on any platform starts with planning for mobile. Responsive design has become the standard for modern websites. As it is for Kayak websites on Hubspot. Every template and content module we develop has Responsive Design in mind.

Additionally, Kayak templates feature HubSpot drag & drop editing which helps you get to market faster. Because utilizing them allows you to skip the traditional design and development stages.

  • 15 CMS Page templates (including Landing Pages)
    • Home (alternate hero modules)
    • Internal 1CR
    • Internal 2CR
    • Internal 2CR Grid
    • Internal 2CR Product
    • Internal 2CR Repeater Grid
    • Internal 3CR
    • Internal LP
    • Internal LP Contact
    • Internal LPR
    • Internal Tools
    • Search Results
    • Blog List
    • Blog Grid
    • Portfolio (NEW)
  • 14 Custom Modules
    • Parallax Section
    • Follow Me
    • Social Share
    • Heroes (image, video, none)
    • Hero Blogs
    • Hero No Button
    • Hide-able Body Section
    • Persona Block
    • Persona Block Repeater
    • CTA Parallax Section
    • Product Grid
    • Logo Lazy Load
    • Image Lazy Load
    • Image Slider Gallery
  • Global Groups
    • Header Group
    • Header Group No Nav
    • Footer Group
    • Footer Group with Widgets

Save $5k on average developing HubSpot Websites with Kayak

When asked to quote a website redesign, prospects typically have a new visual design in mind. Kayak’s professionally-developed drag & drop white label templates and modules can help you save $5k or more on the design/development component of your website redesign.

Supported by expert Virtual Webmasters.

Customized layouts, automation, content porting, and more can be implemented by Kayak’s virtual webmaster team over at wpSites. Doing so frees up your time to focus on your content marketing efforts, not the mechanics of the website.

Optimized for Google and the other Search Engines

Two of the 3 pillars of SEO, technical execution and user experience, are at the core of our theme. We develop to meet best practices for stability, security, and user experience.

2018 platinum partner and hubspot websites theme

We hired Kayak Marketing to help us with our publishing site. They were awesome in helping us make some critical decisions around structural changes. Kayak was very easy to engage and provided excellent recommendations that made a difference in our revenue.

Jamie Lin, Gizmo Global

Elevate the conversation: outcomes, not tasks.

Our history spans nearly three decades in creative development, strategic planning, and high-performance websites. To date, we’ve completed literally thousands of projects internationally and locally.

Our approach is two-fold:

As a result, we’ve had a far greater impact on our clients’ success.

In a nutshell, our mission is not to do more for you, but to put you in a position to do more for yourself.

Randy Milanovic