Using Ai Copywriting Assistants – Jasper and INK for All

Ai has come a long way recently. Two of the most popular and powerful AI copywriting assistants are Jasper and INK. Learn key differences between the tools that’ll help you create your best content ever.

Jasper for Copywriting and Content Creation
INK for Copywriting and Content Optimization

Jasper and INK Ai Copywriting Assistants: Similarities and Differences

Jasper claims it is an ai copywriting assistant that writes better copy. On that claim, I have to agree. The copy Jasper generates is fluid, requiring minimal editing or content creation by a human for basic content. If you need to write a lot of content, with a consistent tone, and have it easily editable, Jasper gets the job done.

I say for basic content because that’s the level of ai copywriting technology currently. No tool I’ve used delivered copy without the need for editing, and refinement. AI copywriters cannot write the way you write. They often miss names of people vs names of companies or tools. And they don’t really get context. Yet.

Jasper’s Command and Compose features show promise for long copy creation. One of Jasper’s tools that holds great promise – though unfortunately, underperforms – is Content Improvement. I have around 500 older blog posts I’d like to improve. However, Jasper’s improvement tool just isn’t up to that heavy of a task, yet.

In this example, I ran the PAS Framework tool in Jasper Ai. The INPUT was taken from the client’s website, and Jasper generated the OUTPUT. It’s not terrible though certainly needs a polish.


Replace customer lineups with a virtual queue. WaitWell solves all sorts of challenges related to managing lobby capacity. Our virtual queue allows customers to book a spot and get in line on time using SMS text messaging. We help you serve more customers, without filling your waiting area.

Customers hate waiting in line, and your lobby is often too small to handle the demand. 

Lines create a negative customer experience and can lead to frustration, anger, and even violence.

WaitWell is the solution. Our virtual queue allows customers to book a spot and get in line on time using SMS text messaging. We help you serve more customers, without filling your waiting area.

INK has ai copywriting assistant features as well. In fact, there’s a lot of overlapping functionality between the tools, which leads me to believe that both run on the same or a similar technical back-end. That said, I feel the big win for INK is search engine optimization. In this area, INK stands above all other tools. I’ve been writing search-friendly content for a very long time. Without optimizing for search engines, even the best content can fail to perform. Thus Jasper without optimization is incomplete. INK with included optimization is a game-changer.

seo scoring
topical relevance

One of my initial trials of INK was to optimize a page that was sitting on page 4 of Google, roughly at position 43. Within a couple of days of optimizing the page’s content with INK, the page rose all the way up to #4 (on page 1) of Google. Within a month, that page climbed even further to achieve multiple #1 global rankings. You’ll need to take my word for. I won’t share which page or keyword as it attracts a lot of business.

Randy Milanovic, Kayak Marketing

Solid copywriting is a content cornerstone. Optimizing it for humans and search engines is critical to content success. As Jasper co-writes quite well, and INK optimizes incredibly well, I’m a fan of including both tools in my content marketing tech stack. In my opinion, both tools provide an exceptionally positive return on investment, which is why I’ve opted into both tools at the Pro/Boss level.

A difference in subscription models, from a customer perspective.

Jarvis has Credits

  • One word = one credit (resets monthly)
  • Three versions generated by default unless user changes quantity
  • Can be verbose, allows you to set the tone
  • Two plans: 20k credits and 50k credits
jasper ai copywriting pricing
As of March 22, 2022 – visit Jasper

Ink for All has Points

  • One generation = one point, regardless of length (resets monthly)
  • 3 versions generated in App, 1 version on Web
  • Unlimited SEO writing and SEO scoring, regardless of length.
  • Three plans: 222 and 555 Points, respectively
INK ai copywriting pricing
As of March 22, 2022 – visit INKforAll

If you’re serious about content marketing, then you know that optimizing it is essential. Jasper and INK are two of the best copywriting ai assistants on the market. They both help you write better copy by optimizing it for humans and search engines. I’m a big fan of both. I’ve just begun my ai copywriting journey, but so far both have helped me improve my content. Content competition is fierce…these tools are a must for any serious content marketer looking to take their copywriting to the next level.

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