inbound marketing for new business Inbound Marketing for New Business

Inbound Marketing for New Business

Build your business using inbound marketing principles.

If you aren’t sure what “inbound marketing” is, don’t worry, it’s very simple and you may even be doing it already. Inbound marketing has a few different names. Seth Godin coined the term “permission marketing”, which in many ways is the same thing.

Traditional marketing practices like flyers, magazine ads, and tv ads don’t ask to be seen, they just show up. People are becoming experts at tuning out traditional marketing techniques; think “no junk mail” signs and PVRs. The business world has to rethink their marketing techniques.

Inbound marketing and permission marketing are based on giving value. The keyword in that last sentence is “giving.” Blogging, social networking, eBooks, eGuides, and other digital freebies all work to build your brand as well as show off your knowledge and expertise. When you start giving value, people open themselves up to listening. If a prospect turns a switch in their mind and asks to hear from you, they are one step closer to becoming a customer.

Blogging vs. Social Networks.

Together, blogs and social networks, make up social media and the face of most inbound marketing campaigns. Social networks like Facebook and Twitter are hugely important platforms for many businesses. Blogs on the other hand seem to be becoming less of a priority for some businesses.

The reason why blogs are being used less by businesses is because it’s difficult to create valuable content week after week. However, the businesses that are blogging regularly see great value in it. It allows for you to become a thought leader in your industry by fleshing out ideas that you may have.

I’ve come across several companies who believe that educating their prospects on the value of their product or service is essential to their business. A blog, when used properly, can passively educate prospects and bring a more qualified lead to your door. While not impossible, it is much more difficult to do something similar on a social network.

You need to start using inbound marketing techniques now.

Research from Profit Magazine looking into early adopters of tech has shown that 44% people who are considered early adopters are between 35-54 years old. This age group represents many of the decision makers in a majority of businesses and a large piece of the retail economy. A complete shift in way businesses operate is coming sooner than you may think.

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