permission marketing seth godin 1200x700 1 Online Marketing Resources, Tools and Toys for a New Year

Online Marketing Resources, Tools and Toys for a New Year

Start the new year off right.

permission-marketing-seth-godinPermission Marketing by Seth Godin

Although it was released way back in the dark age of 1999, Permission Marketing is probably more relevant today than it was then. The premise of the book revolves around avoiding interuptions in your marketing practices and instead earning permission from your prospects to share your message. Although written at a time before the day-to-day prevelance of social media, it is perfectly written for social media marketing strategies (as well as other marketing strategies). Call me a Seth Godin fanboy if you must, but any Seth Godin book would be an excellent choice.

power-of-habit-charles-duhiggThe Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg

Another book on my list, The Power of Habit, has value for anyone. Addressing the biology and psychology of habit, Duhigg does a great job of laying out examples and potential processes for redesigning your habits. Whether you use this book to help you eat better, get to the gym, work more efficiently, develop an advertising strategy, or all-the-above, Duhigg has a case study for you to learn from.

Moleskin Evernote Smart Notebook

moleskin-evernote-smart-notebookWhile I haven’t had the opportunity to actually try this out for myself, I am current user of Moleskin notebooks and Evernote and I love both. The Moleskin Evernote Smart Notebookuses Evernote’s Page Camera feature to capture the pages of your notebook with your smartphone or tablet.” For those who like the pen to paper feeling but want the ease and versatility of working in a digital environment this is an excellent melding of the worlds.

nespressoNespresso Capsule Espresso Machine

Every marketer likely needs a caffiene kick at least once during their day. Out of all the capsule based espresso machines available, Nespresso’s seem to be the only one which can satisfy even a snobbiest of coffee snobs. As another bonus is that the capsules are only available online and shipped to your doorstep (at least I see it as bonus, as I prefer online shopping over in-store).

Lazerwood Wooden Mac Keyboard Covers

lazerwood-keyboardDo you sit in front of a computer for most of your day like we do? Want to regain your connection with nature? Well maybe the Lazerwood Wooden Mac Keyboard Cover is your answer. Yes, it’s real wood. No real practicle functionality, but I have to say it really “spruces” up your keyboard.

hubspot-sprocket-cream-40px.pngLearning LinkedIn from the Experts

This is our gift to you! This 35-page eBook will help you tackle LinkedIn like a true expert. Get tips on everything from improving your profile, to starting and maintaining a group.


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