What Can You Really Get From Social Media Training 1200X700 1 What Can You Really Get From Social Media Training?

What Can You Really Get From Social Media Training?

Have you ever been to a seminar or training session on customer service, only to see one of your coworkers screaming at a client on the phone two days later?

Most of us have, or at least have experienced something similar. Often, that leads us to the conclusion that training programs just aren’t all they’re cracked up to be – especially when they involve certain topics that we know are important, but don’t seem that tangible or applicable to the day-to-day operation of a company or department.

In some circles, at least, social media training could certainly fall into that category. Because of the continuing explosion in social networking – with billions of users logging onto social sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ each week – companies know they can’t afford to ignore the trend. On the other hand, a lot of managers and executives aren’t sure that social media training is really showing a measurable (or even un-measurable) return on investment.

So, what can you really expect to get from training in social media?

Is it just an expensive way to give your employees a coffee break and some Facebook time… or could it possibly be so much more?

It would be fair to say we are biased, but we’ve seen firsthand that the right program can teach skills that make your business more profitable. That’s because you, or your employees, can learn to use social media for things like:

Becoming a source of new information and ideas within your industry.

The term “thought leader” gets thrown around way too much in our industry, but there is a lot of value in being the person or organization that prospects turn to when they want the best info or insight. By using social sites to establish your identity as an expert and market leader, you give yourself an advantage over every competitor because your opinion is more trusted, and buyers will turn to you first.

Making new connections that help grow your business.

Obviously, a strong social profile allows you to make direct connections with your customers, and potential future customers. In fact, that’s the reason that most companies look for social media training in the first place. But, a good plan goes even farther, encompassing vendors, colleagues, potential employees, and other valuable contacts. A good program will show you how to identify these opportunities, and then introduce yourself or your company in a way that allows you to make the most of them.

Enhancing all of your other marketing efforts.

In addition to attracting new buyers, social media can be used to strengthen existing relationships, or to “piggyback” on top of other advertisements, marketing, and promotions. For example, many new clients are surprised to find just how important social media can be to customer service, or how easy it is to point print advertising leads towards a social media contest, or vice versa. Your social profiles, like any marketing tool, are most cost-effective when they are being used in combination with other promotions, so why not use them to your full advantage?

Social media marketing is like any other new industry or practice that springs up quickly, in that there are some great training programs out there, and a few that aren’t worth the investment of time and money required. At Kayak, we are proud to say that customer feedback, case studies, and success stories have shown that we can help you get the right kinds of results by learning to use social sites in smart ways. Why not reach out to our team and let us share what we know with you?


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