3 Reasons to Get Your Company on Facebook Today

Why a Facebook page should be at the top of your social media to-do list.

1. Facebook demographics favor business.

3-Reasons-To-Get-Your-Company-On-Facebook-Today-1It’s not just kids on Facebook anymore. Nearly 42% of all Facebook users are over the age of 35. That percentage translates into a whopping 350 million people! And if we branch this statistic out to include any legal adult, that number nearly doubles to 650 million. If Facebook were a country, its population would be the third largest in the world. Imagine the difficulties and cost associated with reaching a customer base this size through traditional marketing initiatives. If your presence on Facebook is lacking, you pass up an undeniable opportunity to reach current and potential customers.

2. Facebook extends the life of ALL marketing campaigns.

Whether you market online or through traditional outlets, Facebook offers a platform for everyone who has seen or heard your message to proliferate its effects through discussion. Old Spice’s Facebook page is an extension of their TV ads where 1.6 million people continue the conversation. Not only do the 1.6 million fans talk to Old Spice and each other, they go on to share their impressions with their Facebook friends (which is 130 people on average), and those are the conversations that really matter. Since people trust word of mouth over other forms of marketing, your fan’s positive comments leave a lasting impression on those who read them. But this isn’t all: the trust you develop through an engaging Facebook presence opens the door for permission marketing.

3. Facebook helps you launch new products or services successfully.

Generally, the fans that will seek you out on Facebook are also the ones anxiously awaiting your next great innovation. Keeping these brand ambassadors aware of what you have coming down the pipeline will provide you with invaluable support when you launch. It’s no secret, that the support of your early adopters is fundamental to the success of your new product or service.

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