online marketing content website must haves part 3 Online Marketing Content: Website Must Haves Part 3

Online Marketing Content: Website Must Haves Part 3

Compelling Online Content: Website Must Haves Part 3

The Heart of Inbound Marketing

Content is one of the most important aspects of any website. With the rise of inbound marketing, content has become front and center in the minds of marketers. It is what search engines and people are looking for. It’s what drives visitors to your site and turns prospects into leads. Take a look at these next must-haves for creating killer website content.

At KAYAK Creative we’ve come up with 5 keys to great marketing content.

1. Messaging

There are 4 basic questions you need to ask yourself regarding the content of your website.

  • Will people know what I do within seconds?
  • Will they understand what page they’re on and what it’s about?
  • Will they know what to do next?
  • Why should they buy/subscribe/download from this site instead of from someone else?

The visitors to your site should be able to answer these questions easily. Make the answers to these questions explicit before you miss out on a lead when they hit the ‘back’ button

2. Educate and Offer Value

Even though the purpose of your website is to provide information about your products and services, not everyone is ready to buy when they first reach the site. Second, remember it’s not all about you, what’s in it for the visitor?

  • Offer more than just product content (ie. eBooks, videos, whitepapers, etc.).
  • In product-specific content, write as if you are speaking directly to your audience.
  • Write your content as if you are helping your visitors solve their problems.

3. Importance of Quality

Search engines and people love being able to find lots of information. But that content needs to be quality. People love to share great resources with each other, so focus on quality before quantity. 

4. Avoid Gobbledygook

A professional image is necessary, but you still want to avoid the dreaded corporate gobbledygook. What is gobbledygook you ask? Great question. These are jargon terms and phrases that have been over-used and abused rendering them meaningless (you’ll find them mostly in the high-tech and B2B industry). These words are meant to add more emphasis of a particular subject but instead they make your eyes roll.

Avoid these words on your website and in other materials whenever possible:

  • Next generation
  • Scalable
  • Cutting edge
  • Ground breaking
  • Mission critical
  • And so on…

Plan ahead for successful content 

Keep your content strategy performing by having a plan. With a blog editorial calendar, sales & marketing funnel, and landing page worksheet your content won’t miss a beat – download our essential marketing toolkit.


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