content creation top of the funnel TOFU: Content Creation

TOFU: Content Creation

Content creation drives visitors in the TOFU.

So what is TOFU material?

We’re not talking soy products here. TOFU is an acronym for top of the funnel, which is refering to a sales process. People enter the top of the funnel and work their way through the middle and bottom and come out the otherside as a customer. TOFU material is anything that will bring your product/brand/service awareness. Awareness on the web is generated through content.

What types of content are TOFU?


Blogs are a perfect example of a TOFU level content. It has value and we’re giving it away for free (but I’m trying to not spill all the beans on our secrets). By writing content that would appeal to our clients and potential clients, we increase our chances of being shared and found.


Search engine optimization is another example of TOFU. Even though it’s not necessarily content that is consumed, it’s a major part of a website and blog. All efforts made to bettering your SEO will help you get found by the kinds of people you want finding you.

“How-To” Guides

A simple how-to download also qualifies as a TOFU piece of content. Preferably you have a form to capture some information from the downloader. Once you have some information you can begin to move that lead through your sales process.

Social Media

Finally, social media qualifies as TOFU content as well. The interactions that you have, the information that you broadcast, and the networking that you engage in, all help spread your reach. An increased reach will help you draw people to your website and into areas where you can bring them into your sales process.


All forms of content creation help you to get found online. That’s the first step in generating customers from your website. Consistent updates and good timing will help you leverage TOFU content even more.

If you’re interested in converting those visitors into customers learn about automating different processes in your website to help move prospects down your sales funnel.


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