Is Social Media For You Is Social Media For You?

Is social media for you?

Social Media and Your Business

Are LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook for your business?

Recently we’ve been receiving several questions as to the value of social sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube for their business. The biggest questions seem to revolve around the fact that most of their client base is generally not participating on social media. A completely understandable concern.

Many businesses still run on relationships they’ve built over the course of their existence. Where a handshake means a deal is done. These people aren’t on social networks because they’ve done business without them for decades.

I have two reasons why social networking is important, despite maybe not being an immediate concern.

1. The workforce is going through a major transition.

While many top decision makers are still from an era that preceded the internet and social media, their predecessors and top up-and-coming execs aren’t. Personally, I don’t think I’ve looked in a phonebook since I was in elementary, and that was just to see if I could find people I knew. If I need to research something, I go online.

This is the transition that is taking place. The baby boomers are on their way to retirement and an entire online workforce will be taking over. Positioning yourself ahead of the curve for this shift is key. New businesses don’t have many contacts, they’ll be looking for suppliers on Google.

2. So what does social media have to do with that?

Well the internet is an incredibly social place. Search engines are recognizing this and placing a great deal of importance on what’s being talked about online. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube are forums that search engines look to, to see what’s being talked about.

Even if your customers aren’t avid Facebookers, you can still employ strategies to create conversation around your brand. The conversations will lead to a higher standing with search engines and you’ll show up higher in search results.

Remeber 96%of all search engine clicks happen on the first page.

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