apples revenue mobile up sign of whats to come Apple's Revenues Expose the Next Shift for Internet Marketing

Apple’s Revenues Expose the Next Shift for Internet Marketing

Apple’s Revenue: Mobile UP – Sign of What’s to Come

Apple’s first quarter reveals staggering growth in mobile computing.

Apple’s first quarter, go take a quick look and come back, I’ll wait. Staggering numbers. But if you look closely you’ll notice that the two biggest growth areas are in iPhone and iPad sales, both mobile devices. Already we’re seeing another evolution. First it was just people going online to get information and shop. That made having a web presence a necessity for business.

What can fit in your palm once sat on and under an office desk a decade ago. Mobile is taking over the computing industry and opening up a new online market for business. But you need to be able to accomodate this shift.

Mobile Optimization is Key

ios-icons-wh-tk-ka-tiMobile devices like iPhones and iPads, while extremely powerful, are still limited in relation to a destop or laptop computer. They have smaller screen sizes, potentially limited data transfer ability, and Apple products do not display flash (which is still found on many websites). If your website has any flash on it, you are shut off to the millions of people who browse the web on their iPhones and iPads.


I had briefly mentioned ZMOT in a previous blog. ZMOT is an acronym coined by Google that stands for Zero Moment of Truth. This refers to the moment immediately before the customer decides whether or not to make a purchase. Mobile computing is what has enabled this to even become something to talk about.

Point of purchase products has traditionally referred to the gum packs and other knick knacks in a checkout line. Small items that someone might just add on to their other purchases. Now with the advances in mobile technology, everything can be a point of purchase product.

I understand that is a slight exaggeration, I’m not suggesting someone walking down the street would see a home for sale, pull out their iPad and purchase a house. However, a couple touring different neighbourhoods they may move to could come across a builder’s sign and Google their name (or better yet, use a QR code on a sign). This is an opportunity to capture a potential customer. Every interaction is a chance for your business to offer marketing content.

Test Your Site

If you don’t have an iPad or an iPhone, find someone who does, and have a look at your site. Is it as functional as you would like it to be?


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