4 Seo Keywording Tips For Attracting Website Visitors 4 Seo Keywording Tips For Attracting Website Vistors

4 SEO Keywording Tips for Attracting Website Vistors

Give them what they want. Relevance is all about content with appropriate keywords.

What Google’s Auto Complete is Telling You About Search Trends

When you start typing into Google’s search bar, it begins to offer suggestions as you go along. If you have ever had the chance to play with the auto complete feature, you know it’s even good for a few laughs. Sometimes though, it can suggest your search words before you’ve made it.

Google populates their auto complete with the most common searches that follow along with words you’ve typed.

Type in “blue suede” and Google will suggest the most common “blue suede” searches, from “blue suede shoes” to “blue suede shoes lyrics” and more. If you slow down and have a look at the other suggestions, you’ll likely see a lot of similarities between them. This is because people are searching for variations of the same handful of questions. People are less patient, they want to find exactly what they are looking for right away, and if they don’t, it will only take a second or two for them to click away.

There are so many choices available on the web it makes it hard to hold a visitor’s attention. Your challenge as a business owner or manager, becomes holding their attention long enough to interact with your site (and ultimately, connect with your sales team).

Here are four ways you can attract more traffic (visitors) to your site:

  1. Pay attention to the relevance of your pages. When someone comes to your site, will they find what they were expecting to? For example, if I go to your services page, will I find specifics of what you offer? If not, look at reworking your content to make you pages more interesting and relevant. 
  2. Optimize! Test different versions of the most-visited pages on your site. You’ll be able to see what causes people to stay and what causes them to move on. You can then apply these tactics to new pages that you create. 
  3. Emphasize usability and simple navigation. If a visitor is unable to find what they are looking for right away, give them options to continue navigating your site. They will likely want to find out more if it’s not obviously on your page, they will likely go elsewhere.
  4. Use Google’s auto complete to your advantage. If you are ever having trouble with your SEO, look to the auto complete tool. Start typing in the broad descriptions of your business and see the most common narrowed search options. Try to implement the relevant ones into your website’s content. SEO is as much a writing task as a technical task.

Take advantage of people’s clicking habits. Keep your pages focused and relevant. Visitors who navigate away from competitors’ websites are fair game! Learn more… we’re here if you’d like to chat.


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