conquering seo for search no propellers required 1 Conquering SEO for search - no propellers required

Conquering SEO for search – no propellers required

SEO is about getting connected.

Why Reaching a #1 Spot on Google is Like Earning Your First Million

“Your first million is the toughest.” I’m sure most business owners can attest to this. Your business does not just pop up over night and you are millionaire the next day. It takes time and effort. But once you’re there it takes on a snowball effect, where the next million is much easier than the first.

Earning a high Google search ranking on two or three of your most relevant keywords is difficult because of how search engine optimization (SEO) works: other sites need to link to you. Getting inbound links is the most difficult and tedious part of SEO. When you have a limited web presence it is difficult to assert yourself as an authority and worthy of those links.

As you build your presence online, through blogs, social media participation, and a strategically optimized website, your authority will grow. Each piece of new content you produce will begin to gather valuable inbound links. Then it begins to snowball. As more people share, more people link. Soon you’ll be showing up on the first page of a Google search.

Now what? Well, once it’s easy to find you on a Google search, people start to link to you more often. In this way, your website can achieve a sort of critical mass that causes you to continue to rank for a long time to come. Remember though, once you reach that spot, you’ve become a target for your competitors and there’s only so much room on that coveted first page.

If you work hard to build your SEO riches you can enjoy them for years to come. Just don’t let your guard down. Your competitors are never that far off.

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