Online Marketing and Lifestyle Media in 2012

What is lifestyle media and making it work for your business.

I read an interesting blog by Seth Godin this morning where he introduced a term that I really liked: lifestyle media. He uses lifestyle media to encompass all forms of online communication (email, chat, forums, blogs, social media, etc.). I love this!

People love to talk about themselves for selfish reasons and simply because that’s who we all know best. It shouldn’t be a shock that platforms which give us a chance to talk about ourselves have become so popular. Technology, closely followed by media, has allowed us to create content and share about ourselves at any place, at any time. Every aspect of our life can be shared in real-time if we want. It has truly become a lifestyle.

Ten years ago it was business as usual, then everything began to change. Now, traditional media still works, but it doesn’t get amplified and it’s easily ignored. When was the last time you recorded TV commercial so you could show it to a friend? Or photocopied a flyer for your parents to see? I’m going to guess most people will have said never. Now what if I asked you when was the last time you received a forwarded email? Or shared an interesting video from YouTube? I’m sure you’re beginning to see the difference. Lifestyle media gets amplified and gets seen.

Lifestyle media has become an opportunity for your business to connect with people who really care about what you have to offer. Not only does your business have a forum, so does every person you connect with. Now you just have to give your community something worthwhile to talk about!

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