top 10 social media takeaways for business from 2011 Top 10 Social Media Takeaways for Business from 2011

Top 10 Social Media Takeaways for Business from 2011

Ten things your business should know about the social media landscape.

1. The rise of “social purchasing.”

Google recently published an ebook about the Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT). The ZMOT occurs between a stimulus to buy (an ad) and the actual purchase. Google claims 84% of customers take to the web to research products and services before the buy. Are you positioned to inform those customers about your product?

2. Facebook was the most searched term of 2011.

In fact, Facebook took four of the top 10 most searched terms on the internet. Is your business active on Facebook? Are you taking full advantage of the world’s most searched for website?

3. Listening is mandatory.

If you aren’t listening to what’s happening on social media, you are missing out on some of the most important information your company could ask for: what your customers are saying.

4. Social media is like the gym.

You’re not going to get giant biceps or a six-pack after your first workout. In reality it’s going to take a few months of sustained effort to see some real noticable results. But just like going to the gym, you’ll be pleased with the results.

5. Learn how to use your social media channel.

Whether it’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, a blog, or one of the other many channels available, take the time to learn how to use that channel effectively. Just ask Anthony Weiner about not using his social media channel correctly.

6. The beginning of the end for daily deals.

I think so at least. Many businesses are taking too big of a hit to offer another deal. However, that doesn’t mean “social purchasing” is over. Different forms are beginning to emerge. The most simple form? Ratings and reviews from sites like Yelp.

7. Social media marketing is about people, not the technology.

While the technology can be a barrier to learning how to use social media, once you have a basic understanding, the rest is all about relationships. Relationships are an integral part of business. Don’t cut yourself off from a global channel that allows you to start and nurture business relationships.

8. Combine real and digital world engagement.

Social media is just an extension of what you offer in real life. Use your traditional marketing methods combined with online marketing methods and you can scale the results of your campaign.

9. Social media needs to be a part of your crisis plan.

Traditionally in the wake of a crisis, businesses reached out to old media (print, tv, etc.). Those methods take time to reach people and they go through a potential filtering process. With social media you can share a message directly from your company to an unlimited audience in an instant.

10. Social media is still growing!

Trust me, social media is not a fad. Things will change, they always do, but social media is going to be around for a while. Don’t think that you can outlast this “fad” and come out the otherside ok. Your business needs to jump on the social media train as soon as possible.

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