Newbook Image This Online Marketing Guy'S Current Reading List...

This online marketing guy’s current reading list…

Thanks to the internet, we are more plugged in than ever.

Gone are the days of searching our libraries or even our memories for information. Now, we can simply pull out our iPhone or BlackBerry and Google it. Answers are merely a search away – if you enjoy reading about it on your phone that is.

Personally, though I spend much of my work life online, I still find it a bit difficult to prop my phone open to a favourite page, showcase a library of dusty volumes I’d read on my iPad, or sit on the beach with a good e-novel. Thus, I believe that there is still something to be said for print and I regularly read books and magazines, both for enjoyment and for personal improvement. And a lot for inspiration.

Newbook-ImageThese are a few of the publications I have open right now:

Branding Buildings Better, a book by David Allison of Braun/Allison 

“There’s a gold rush going on all around us. The first real estate development companies that start to use the principles in this book will attract a large following of loyalists who will be predisposed to buy. This book tells you how.”

I first met David in 1995, when we were both working as contractors with Rosemarie Enslin. I was delighted to discover his book all these years on. Best of all, though David is talking about Real Estate, the strategies he outlines apply to pretty well any business in any industry.

Trigger Event Selling, Turn Prospects Into Customers by Craig Ellias

“Selling goes beyond communicating the value of your products and services. Selling is also about communicating the value of doing business with you. It is about connecting with decision makers and becoming their Emotional Favorite™ aka ‘Go To’ person.”

Probably the most influencial paperback I’ve read lately. I’m working towards doing a Webinar with Craig – that would be awesome.

The Greatness Guide BOOK 2, 101 Lessons for Success and Happiness by Robin Sharma.

“Ready to take your work and personal life to a whole new level of greatness? Feel it’s time to realize your personal genius and experience the winning results you’ve longed for? Tired of playing small with your life? Then this book is for you.”

This book was originally published in 2007. A bit over the top at times, but on the whole, a decent read. Plus, you get to be your own cheerleader.

When I’m not reading, I’m online marketing. Feel free to drop me a line if you’d like to discuss these books or online marketing


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