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Building Your Digital Currency

What’s your reputation like?

This great TED Talk by Rachel Botsman presents the very interesting idea of curating your reputation online (think eBay seller rating or a Yelp review). We all place enormous value in our offline reputation and prefer to work with people deemed to be trustworthy.

This why word of mouth is so powerful; our friends and family are trusted more than any advertising we see. So how can we begin to curate the trust and reputation we build online?

Each online community you participate in likely has some metric or designation of trustworthiness or reputation (a Huffington Post Super User, an eBay Power Seller, or a feedback rating on Etsy). Botsman introduces the idea of bringing all of this earned trustworthiness into a single realm, allowing us to add value to everything we do (ie. RAiSE YOUR PRICES!).

Although communities like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn don’t have metrics or designations for reputation or trustworthiness (unless you consider ‘Likes,’ ‘Followers,’ or ‘Connections’ a bearing on reputation – which I don’t) they do allow you the opportunity to start building your digital reputation. Every interaction, every blog post, every tweet you make can improve or tarnish your reputation.

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